Also, be sure to read "How to Lead an Awesome Youth Ministry on a Zero (or Tiny) Budget" below.


As I talk to youth ministry leaders, a lack of money in the youth ministry budget is a major problem.
(The other major problem that youth workers face is a lack of time. Oh, and to save you a ton of time, be sure to download for free these 12 awesome games. Each one includes a Biblical lesson on various topics.)
You have a passion to lead an awesome youth ministry, coordinating:
Midweek and weekend services,
Camp, mission trips, outreaches, and other big events,
Sunday school and/or small group.
You recruit, train, & nurture volunteers.
You work hard pointing students to Jesus, building relationships with them, and partnering with parents.
But you’re not given enough of a budget to make it all happen, and that can be frustrating!
In fact…
A LOT of youth ministries have ZERO budget!
Of those that do, many have a TINY budget.
To close the gap, many youth workers do a lot of fundraising in order to have money for their youth ministry.
This means additional time and energy on the part of the leader.
In some cases, leaders go above and beyond in this area.
I’ve heard of many youth ministers who have no budget, and actually fund the youth ministry with their own money (and you know…us youth leaders don’t have a lot of it to go around).
No doubt, this is a commendable sacrifice on the part of the leader!
Lack of money is a big problem a lot of youth ministry leaders face.
However, imagine if things were different.
Having more money in the youth ministry budget means you could:
Sponsor some students to attend camp (or even have enough money to do your own camp).
Have more money that goes to your yearly missions trip.
Coordinate an outreach in your community.
Buy some Bibles for students.
Renovate your youth room In order to create a safe place where students can connect with God and one another.
Do something really special for your volunteers.
Start a student-led ministry that serves kids in your community (like mentoring, tutoring, etc.)
Oh, the possibilities are endless!
So, how do you have an awesome youth ministry on a shoe-string budget?
I don’t have a magic wand that can solve this problem.
But, I can be a part of the solution.
It’s a problem that I wanted to solve when launching ministrytoyouth.com (the website you’re on right now) back in April 2014.
It’s one of the main reasons we exist – to help youth ministry leaders save money (we also exist to save you time). 
We save you time and money by doing two things:

Thing #1 - We create FREE youth group lessons, like the 71 lessons we’re giving away now and these 12 awesome games.
Over the last few years we’ve developed a writing team consisting of youth ministers like yourself who create ongoing youth group lessons and games.
We post them for FREE on our website. It’s pretty cool.
We get comments all the time on our website, by email and on Facebook about how helpful our lessons and games are for youth leaders.
In fact, here’s a comment posted on our website by Lorena:
“These lessons are amazing! Being the youth leader it can get a little tough to pick topics that will actually speak to this generation and these are full of fun, but also the truth that Jesus wants us to preach about!”
Sure, there are a lot of “free” lessons and games you can find online.
But most of them aren’t all that good. Why? Because they’re free. The good stuff usually costs money.
In our case, “free” doesn’t mean poor quality because we actually pay a team of writers (who are also youth ministry leaders) to create our lessons and games.
Paying our team is our way of making sure the stuff is awesome.
We want you to save money AND get high caliber resources for your youth group.
You might wonder where we get the money to pay our writers if everything is free.
That leads us to the other thing we do to save you money (and time)…
Thing #2 – We put together a big bundle of youth ministry lessons and games a few times a year.
We do have youth lessons and games for sale on our website. All our paid stuff is bigger and better than our free stuff.
We regularly have small bundles of youth ministry series avaiable on our website. 
A few times a year we’ll put together a really HUGE bundle of youth ministry lessons and games that only lasts 7 days.
The bundle saves you over $1,530! You get a 94% discount on over 3 years of youth ministry lessons and games!
You really can’t beat that kind of savings.
In fact, we’re about to release a bundle like this next Friday. Once live, it only lasts 7 days.
And check this out…
The revenue generated from a bundle covers the cost of paying writers to create more free lessons and games. Nice.
Well, there you have it.
Our goal here at Ministry to Youth is to save you money, so that you can lead an awesome youth ministry on a shoe-string budget.
We want you to see all the dreams God has placed in your heart come true.
We want you to have more money to send students to camp, do outreaches in your community, and put towards missions trips.
That said, be sure to...
Keep up the awesome stuff you’re doing pointing students to Jesus!
- Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth