Also, be sure to read below: The Circle of Awesomeness


Here’s how the “Circle of Awesomeness” works:
#1. We create free youth group lessons and games to save you time and money.
In order to make sure they’re awesome, we pay a team of youth ministry leaders to create them.
In addition to paying these writers, there’s also A TON of overhead we have to cover each month.
In fact, our overhead averages out to be at $12,000 - $15,000 a month, often more. This covers our staff, freelancers and the rest of our expenses.
I know it probably doesn’t seem like it, but there’s a lot of “behind the scenes” costs to keep everything running smoothly, and to reach the most youth ministry leaders possible.
Our company requires a budget, similar to how a youth ministry needs a budget to be effective.
In order to pay for those expenses…
2. We also create youth ministry lessons and games to sell online.
Our paid resources are bigger and better than our free stuff. Here are a few reasons why:
Awesome Artwork. Each series includes a cover image that you can use for promotional purposes and to insert into your presentation software. Each series also includes a blank text image to make your own slides (just add text) and insert into your presentation software.
Series Format. All our free lessons come in the form of a series. There’s a theme to each series, and each lesson/message builds on the prior week.
Bigger, Better Lessons. All our paid lessons are longer, bigger, and better than our free ones. Yep, we go over the top to make sure they’re the best ever.
“All-In-One” Lessons. All our paid lessons include a fun opening game, a complete Biblical message, and small group questions. They’re great for big or small youth groups.
Plug N Play. Another awesome thing about our paid lessons and games is that everything is done for you! All your midweek/weekend services (or even small groups) are now done. Nice. You have all the resources you need to have an awesome youth group service (or class, small group Sunday School, etc). Just take a little time making it your own…and that’s it. Pretty cool.
When it comes to our paid lessons and games…we still want to save you money.
So, that's why we always have various bundles for sale on our website.
3. Every once in awhile we put together A REALLY AMAZING BUNDLE of youth ministry lessons.
In fact...
We’re about to release a Memorial Day Bundle this coming Tuesday, May 21 at 12pm noon Eastern U.S. time.
You'll get a 94% discount on over 4 years of youth ministry lessons. 
More time and money so you can more effectively point students to Jesus.
We’re giving away some seriously awesome prizes for the first who order the bundle on opening day.
More details will be emailed to you soon. So, stay posted. 
4. Big bundles like this fund a lot of our expenses. 
A lot of the revenue we generate in a year comes from big bundles like this that we put together. 
It enables us to cover all our expenses, create more free stuff, and reach more youth ministry leaders with our resources.
The awesome bundle fuels a lot of what we do.
So, think about it.
Even when we’re selling something, we’re still saving you TIME and MONEY.
And when you purchase the Memorial Day Bundle, you’re actually investing in the creation of more free lessons and games. You’ll benefit from these freebies, and so will a lot of other youth ministries.
You’re helping us reach, resource, and equip more youth ministry leaders around the world.
You’re helping us create more youth group series and games to sell online, which will also help you save even more time and money.
You’re helping to create the “Circle of Awesomeness”.
How awesome is that?
I think it’s pretty cool.
If you like all our free stuff, then you’ll love our paid stuff.
So, be sure to mark your calendar for when the Memorial Day Bundle goes live on Tuesday, May 21 at 12pm noon Eastern U.S. time.
You’ll want to be one of the first to order and grab some of those sweet prizes.
See you on opening day :)
- Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth