7 Ways to Create Freedom with a Youth Ministry Blog

Want to create more freedom in ministry and life by making an extra $1,200 a month or more with a youth ministry blog?

WATCH THE VIDEO: 7 Ways to Create Freedom with a Youth Ministry Blog 

If you work part-time or full-time in addition to your youth ministry role, imagine having the freedom to invest more time building relationships with students…and less time working to pay the bills.  

Or imagine working in any church or ministry setting regardless of what you were paid.  

Imagine having wiggle room in your finances so you’re free to do what God called you to do. Without money being a source of stress, anxiety and worry.  

I believe that kind of freedom is possible! In fact, I created this video to help you find that kind of freedom.  

More specifically, I talk about 7 specific ways you can create income, which leads to more freedom, with a youth ministry blog.

- Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

P.S. - Just wanted to show a random selfie I took of myself. Ha..ha...I know I look goofy!

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