Are you scrambling to figure out what to do for summer?

Are your students losing interest (or not engaged) with online youth group, yet craving community?

Need help pivoting your overall approach to youth ministry during COVID-19?

Join us Thursday for a live training where we’ll tackle the answer to those questions and more!

Tim, who has been a friend of mine for years, will be leading the training and I will be the host.

Tim has been in youth ministry since 1992, though he looks much younger. He earned a PhD in adolescent spiritual formation (but please don’t call him “Doctor;” he prefers to be called “Grandmaster T”). Tim is a writer, speaker, worship leader, and high school pastor at Hope Community Church in Raleigh, NC.

If you’re struggling to reach students due to COVID-19, this is for you.

Sign up here for the training (it’s free).

Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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