Big news… we just launched the Three Year Bundle!

Save 93% on 3 years of youth ministry lessons and games.

Only available September 19-27.

Here’s what a youth leader who has previously purchased the bundle had to say:

“I really appreciate this resource and use it frequently for our youth group! I love having my content ready and even if I edit the actual talk (to make it more in my own words or including my own stories). It’s extremely helpful to have the subject set and the talk written with scripture references to have the direction and purpose of the teaching figured out as that can take the most time to come up with yourself. Very grateful for this resource and the people who put it together! Anyone in youth ministry can tell you that it’s already hard enough, so not having to come up with content from scratch is beyond helpful!”
– Prince of Peach Church in Olathe, KS

See what’s in the bundle.

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