Since 2014 we’ve been focused on creating youth ministry lessons and games. In August, we expanded that to also include kids and launched our new children’s ministry curriculum for K-5th grade.

And we’ve just released Unit 2, which includes the following 3 series:

GREATEST GIFTS OF CHRISTMAS (for use in Dec. 2019): This 4-week series helps kids appreciate the gifts God has given to the and the gifts they can give others.

SPLAT LABS (for use in Jan. 2019): This 4-week series connects science and the Bible with hands-on experiments. Each week features a lesson and experiment that helps kids see visual representations of Biblical principles through science.

EMOJIS (for use in Feb. 2019): This 4-weeks series studies four strong emotions that are mentioned in Psalms: Happy, Sad, Love and Surprise.

Learn more about our kid’s ministry curriculum.

You have the option to purchase each series individually or save 30% when you purchase Unit 2, which includes all 3 series.

The two main things make our curriculum unique:

Our lessons require little to no prep time. They lessons take only a few minutes for volunteers to be ready to teach. Supplies and setup time are kept to a minimum too. Simple for you to prepare. Easy for volunteers.

We know that partnering with parents is essential to pointing kids to Jesus. Our curriculum includes many tools to help you do this through text, social media, and email. Each lesson includes a text message script, Facebook/Instagram post with artwork, and an email script to send out to parents highlighting what kids were taught. The text and email script include a “Family Challenge” that helps parents & kids put into action what they were taught at church collectively as a family.

If you’re looking for awesome children’s ministry curriculum, take a minute and see if ours is a good fit for you 🙂

– Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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