Here is a free Easter lesson, based on Matthew 28:1-10, with an opening game to help students understand this truth: Jesus breaks the power of sin in your life.


Looking for youth ministry lessons & games for Easter & beyond? Check out the March Bundle!

Save 95% on 4 years & $2,026 worth of youth ministry lessons & games!

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Grab the bundle before it ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern.

Here is a free lesson, based on John 16:33, from our series, The Comeback. The big idea of the lesson is: Setbacks can lead to discouragement, fear, and a desire to give up. But God can use setbacks as an opportunity for your greatest comeback.



My name is Nick Diliberto. That's my wife, Jena, and I at Pizza Port near our house. And yes, I have a mouthful of pizza. Ha ha ha :)

After 15 years of serving in full-time ministry, in 2014 I launched Ministry to Youth.

The goal from day 1 was to save youth ministry leaders time and money. This bundle is one way we do that.

We save you time because you don’t have to create lessons and games from scratch. Less time on preparation and planning means more time for everything else, like building relationships with students, volunteers, and parents.

This bundle saves you over $1,900, which helps to stretch your youth ministry budget even further. Take the money you save and re-invest it into other areas of your ministry.

- Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

Grab the bundle before it ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern.


Save 95% on 4 years and $2,002 worth of youth ministry lessons and games.

Save 95% on 4 years and $2,026 of youth ministry lessons and games!

It goes live on Tuesday, March 16 at 12pm Eastern U.S. time. That's 9am Pacific and 11am Central.

The bundle ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern (8:59pm Pacific).


Save 95% on 4 years and $2,026 worth of youth ministry lessons!

The bundle goes live on Tuesday, March 16 at 12pm Eastern (9am Pacific) and ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern (8:59pm Pacific) U.S. time. The bundle is only available within that time period.

All the series in the bundle are created to be used with 6th-12th graders.

Every lesson includes an opening game connected to the message.

Everything is only available as a digital download. So, you get it all right away!

Want a sample lesson? Go here to download a sample from one of our teaching series.


*Each of these 6 series include options for online and in-person youth group.

  • Risen: 4-week Easter series
  • The Comeback: 4-week core series
  • The New Normal: 4-week core series
  • Fierce: 8-week summer series
  • Believe: 4-week Christmas series
  • Meant for More: 5-week New Year's series


RISEN ($35 VALUE): This NEW 4-week Easter series helps students understand that God fulfilled His promises to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

SHOOK ($35 VALUE): A 4-week Easter series teaches students how Jesus' life, death, and resurrection disrupted the world and changed the course of history.

LOOK AGAIN ($35 VALUE): A 4-week Easter series encourages students to take a look at the deeper meaning of the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection.  

THE EASTER STORY ($35 VALUE): A 4-week in depth study of the Easter story.  


FIERCE ($69 VALUE): This 8-week series encourages students to follow Jesus with boldness & confidence. Each lesson includes an opening game to help drive home the point. The series gives you options (ex: online game & in-person game for each lesson) so you can do it online or at church with students (in case things get back to normal). Although it was originally written as a summer series, you can easily modify it to be used for any time of the year.

NO SUMMER BUMMER ($35 VALUE): This 4-week summer series reminding students they don’t have to pack up and go somewhere to have the best summer ever.  

SINK OR SWIM ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series all about making good decisions over the summer.

A LIFE OF FAITH & ADVENTURE ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series examining New Testament accounts of Peter's life of faith and adventure.


THE COMEBACK ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series encourages students to trust God with their future and make a difference in the world around them.

IDENTITY - FINSTA SERIES & ESCAPE ROOM EVENT (49 VALUE): This product contains a 4-week series and an accompanied one-hour Escape Room event helping students find their true Identity in Christ.

A NEW NORMAL ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps students adjust to the “new normal” of life in the face of unexpected circumstances.

UNCERTAINTY ($55 VALUE ): A 6-pack of youth group lessons helping students wrestle with uncertainty and difficult times.

BETTER THAN BASIC ($35 VALUE): This 4-week back-to-school series will help students discover that how they view themselves and others will set the tone for the new school year.

YOU & ME ($35 Value): This 4-week series on relationships - personal, family, friendships, and God.

ENOUGH ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series teaching students to be content and find joy in every situation through their relationship with God.

WEIGHTS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series teaches students how to become stronger by recognizing what’s holding them back.

FOREVER CHANGED ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series on the transformation and ministry of the apostle Paul.

DEAR FUTURE SELF ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that teaches students to make godly choices today that your future self will thank you for.

NOT SO FAMOUS ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series is about people from the Bible you've probably never heard of before. 

UNEXPECTED ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series about learning from the twists and turns of life. 

BE BRAVE ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series, which draws upon themes from the popular Fortnite video game, teaches teens that we can be brave, strong, confident and bold because God is with us. 

HONOR ROLL ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series that teaches students four ways to live a life that honors God.

COMMUNITY ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series explores our God-given need to live in community with others.

LEAD ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series that teaches teens how to be a leader.

BIG DREAMS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on lessons learned from the dreams of Joseph, Solomon, Nebuchadnezzar, and Daniel.

FINAL WORDS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on the final words of four men in the Bible and the impact they made on history.

TREASURES ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series that teaches students the value of being a good steward. Based on Matthew 6:19-24, this series shows teens the difference between things that will pass away, treasures we store up in Heaven, and how God has trusted us with the care of things on earth.

BULLYING ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on bullying. This series emphasizes that even though bullying makes you feel isolated, you’re not alone in the struggle.

GONE FISHING ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series inviting students to follow Jesus and become fishers of men.

BEHIND THE SCENES ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on the life of Esther. The series explores how God was working through her life to rescue His people. Students will learn how God can work in their lives to do big things.

JESUS' PARABLES ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series that encourages teens to look at Jesus' parables in a new and different way.

BACK TO GENESIS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week study on the major events in Genesis that ultimately point us to Christ.  

BOOK OF JONAH ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series encouraging students to choose God's way... the first time.  

BOOK OF AMOS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series about an "underdog" named Amos that God used to deliver an amazing message.    

PERFECTLY IMPERFECT ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series reminding us that even our "heroes of the faith" shared the same struggles that we do today.  

COUNTER CULTURE ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series showing students how Jesus teaches a better way of life that often seems opposite to our culture.  

SLOW DOWN ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series helping students learn how to develop the discipline of rest.  

DWELL ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series about "dwelling" in God's Word.  

1 TIMOTHY 4:12 ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series about how God uses teenagers and those who don't feel like they can measure up to do amazing things!  

SET APART ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series about becoming holy, or “set apart”, in order to identify with God and be different from the world.  

SALT & LIGHT ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series helping students become salt and light to the world around them.    

BOOK OF JAMES ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series on the Book of James.  

MADE TO WORSHIP ($35 VALUE): A 4-week Series helping students discover they're created to worship God.

START HERE ($35 VALUE): A 4-week back-to-school series about living full of faith everyday.

OVERCOMING TEMPTATION ($59 VALUE): A 6-week series helping students overcome temptation in their everyday lives.

PROVERBS - HOW TO BE WISE ($69 VALUE): An 8-week series on the book of Proverbs all about how to be wise.


BELIEVE ($35 VALUE): A NEW 4-week Christmas series encourages students to have strong faith at Christmastime and beyond. This series explores how those who were part of the “Christmas story” exercised extraordinary faith.

INSTACHRISTMAS ($35 VALUE): A 4-week Christmas series that explores how the birth of Jesus changed the world in an instant. Each week features Instagram/meme challenges.

THE ARRIVAL ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series explores the traditions of Advent that can make our Christmas celebrations more meaningful.

A CHRISTMAS STORY ($35 VALUE): A 4-week in depth study of the Christmas story.


MEANT FOR MORE ($45 VALUE): A NEW 5-week New Year's series helping students discover that God’s plan for their lives exceeds what they could ever imagine.

GOODBYE PAST, HELLO FUTURE ($35 VALUE): This 4-week New Year’s series encourages students to let go of their past and look forward to what God has in store for the future.

THIS YEAR I WILL…($35 VALUE): A 4-week series encourages students to make strong commitments in the new year to their friends, family, faith, and future.  

HOW TO BE A QUITTER ($35 VALUE): A 4-week series that explores 4 things to quit in order to experience lasting change: making excuses, complaining, living in fear, and comparison.

Save 95% on 4 years and $2,026 worth of youth ministry lessons and games!

Grab the bundle before it ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern.


EVERYTHING IS DOWNLOADABLE. After purchase, you'll be directed to the download page and get an email that includes a link to download all the resources. Feel free to share the download link with volunteers. The bundle is only available as a downloadable product.  

FOR YOUTH MINISTRY. The resources included in the bundle are written to be used with 6th-12th graders. 

LESSONS AND GAMES COME IN PDF & WORD format so you can edit as needed and share with volunteers.

SERIES ARTWORK includes cover image for promotional use and blank text image for making your own presentation slides.  

ALL OUR RESOURCES ARE WRITTEN BY YOUTH LEADERS like you who have a heart to see God move in the lives of students.  

LESSONS INCLUDE A FUN OPENING GAME, CREATIVE TEACHING, AND ENGAGING SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. Although the lessons aren't meant to be read word for word (we encourage you to make it your own), included is a detailed script for leaders to follow.  

OUR STUFF IS TOP NOTCH. We don't just throw together an outline or rough draft and sell it to you. Our writers take a lot of time and effort creating quality youth ministry resources that are jam packed with more than enough teaching material. Then our content, editing, and graphics team make it even better.



"I enjoy purchasing series from Ministry to Youth for my students. The lessons give me a great base to build from or just use what is there if I am in a pinch. The graphics are top notch and games are provided if that's your ministry model. Always great stuff!!" - Brad Boucher

"The outlines, lessons, artwork with these weekly sessions are truly a God send for those of us with full time "other than ministry" obligations yet wanting more for our students each week. Thank you for such quality products at very affordable costs." - Kevin Hale

"Our youth ministry has recently been using their material and it's been wonderful. Great lesson plans which are biblically sound. Good game ideas, great artwork. So blessed by your ministry. Thank you!" - Vidush Athyal

"I love the lessons from Ministry to Youth. It takes the stress out of preparing a lesson and gives me more time to focus on our students." - Jessica Lewis

"This was our first purchase and I can’t wait to start using this on Sunday mornings! Takes a lot of pressure off of us for prepping each week and it is very spot on for the circumstances we are living through currently. Thanks for the special offer!!" - Libby Allen

"This has helped me so much with ministering to the Youth in our Church. The games before the lessons are easy and great to do and the lessons are to the point. It has made my life as a new Youth leader so much easier and our youth are loving it. I would recommend to anyone. It is worth the price!" - Aline Rodrigues

"We have a group of around 10. These lessons let us interact with our youth. We teach, they talk, and everyone walks away knowing more about Jesus. I love that if I wanted to, I could hand the lesson to a leader and they could have a great night with almost no prep." - Heather Lennox


Here are some reasons you might think the bundle is not for you:


View our statement of faith here. All our lessons are theologically broad enough for all church denominations (and non-denominations). We stay central to the core truths of Christianity and don't focus on denominational differences.


Here are a few reasons it is extremely helpful to use youth group lessons/games that are already created for you:  

Reason #1 - You need a break from the grind.  

Many of you lead Wednesday night and weekend services, which requires you to come up with at least 2 messages each week. Some of you are in charge of small groups and/or Sunday School as well. The grind of creating that many messages/lessons/games every week can wear you down. So, it's nice to have youth group lessons, games and series at your fingertips when you need a break from the grind.  

Reason #2 - Use the already created lessons as the foundation of your messages.  

The idea of using lessons already created for you doesn't mean that you read a script. Take some time to make it your own. Customize it and add your own creativity. Add what God is speaking to you and your students.  

At the very least it's really helpful to use an already made lesson's main idea, Bible verses, series flow, etc., as the foundation of your messages. Sometimes coming up with all that takes the most amount of your time. We've already done that for you.  

Reason #3 - You need ready to go lessons for your team and/or volunteers.  

Many of you have a team of volunteers, staff, and/or interns. It is often difficult for them to come up with their own lessons/games on a regular basis. It would be helpful to have already made lessons to give to them. They're ready to go lessons your team can spend minimal prep time on. Nice.  

Reason #4 - Artwork is already done.  

All our youth group series include artwork. Both the cover image, and the blank text slide. Use that artwork to post info about the series on social media, website, student outlines, presentation software, etc. If you created your own artwork, you would spend a good amount of time doing so. Or you would have to pay someone else to do it. Either way, we've got it all done for you...saving you time or money. 


We certainly know what it's like to be on a shoe-string budget. Instead of focusing on the cost of the bundle, look at how much you're saving - YOU SAVE 95%. And think of all the cool stuff you're getting for such a low price. You get 4 years worth of lessons and games worth $2,026 for only $99, which adds up to only pennies a day. That's an amazing deal! If you put your mind to it, I'm sure you can figure out a way to make that small investment in your youth ministry.  


Even though we live in a digital world, you might be a bit apprehensive about not actually getting physical products. We get it. The upside of downloadable resources is that you get them instantly and can share them right away with your volunteer team. And if you experience any download issues, then contact Kate at and we'll be happy to help you.


We're a team of experienced youth ministry leaders who have a heart to equip youth leaders around the world. Being a youth leader isn't easy, and we exist to make your job easier. Learn more about us here.


No worries, we understand. View some a sample lesson near the top of the page.


Grab the bundle before it ends on Thursday, March 25 at 11:59pm Eastern.