7 Proven Ways to Kill Your Passion for Ministry

Written by Nick Diliberto If you’re looking to burnout or just survive in ministry, then follow these 7 proven methods… 1. Be sure to work 55-60 hours a week with only 2 weeks of vacation a year. Maintain this schedule for a minimum of 5-7 years consistently for maximize results. While on vacation, be sure to be thinking about ministry-related stuff. Also, soak up all the rest and relaxation possible, […]


Youth Group Lesson on God’s Love

Love is a word that we use freely. I love coffee. I love French fries. I love this TV show. But if we take a moment to stop and consider the word ‘love’, all other loves really do fall short when we consider the great love of God for us. Sadly, the students in your ministry can easily become immune to the ‘love of God’ talks. It is pretty basic, right? God loves […]


Who God Says You Are

The students in your ministry need to know what God thinks about them. As young people, they are in the process of discovering their identity. Use this lesson to help students know what God really thinks about them. When it comes to this topic, our knee jerk reaction is, “Awesome…this lesson will be perfect for my junior high students.” We forget that students often grapple with their identity through high school […]

youth group lessons on doubt

Youth Group Lesson on Doubt

Sometimes we get really nervous when students express their doubts or question their faith. Yet, for many, the time they doubted and asked those tough questions, in retrospect, is actually a time when they were ‘chewing on their faith’. A common response from adults to those types of questions is – “just have faith” or “pray more” …which can be a point of frustration when those are the exact questions […]

Lolita is hiding

Why the Quiet Student in Youth Group Doesn’t Talk

Written by Aaron Helman We’ve all been in a small group, Sunday school class or a summer camp cabin with that one kid who just never talks. I’ve got one of them in my ninth grade guys’ group this year. He’s been with us for virtually every session and has spoken less than fifty total words and probably less than ten when I haven’t asked him a direct question. You […]

youth group games using rubber chickens

Youth Group Games Using Rubber Chickens

Written by Mike Sheley I walked into the youth room where I usually find students playing basketball or ultimate frisbee and found something a little different. If you just looked with me at the motions the boys were going through, it resembled Ultimate Frisbee. However, they didn’t have a frisbee. What did they have?! Yes, they had…a rubber chicken! I was reminded once again that when students – especially the boys – […]

pokemon go youth group lesson

Pokemon Go Youth Group Lesson

A few weeks ago my 14-year old son Ethan asked to go outside in our neighborhood to find some Pokemon. It was 11pm at night. I thought that was a strange request so late. I also was curious what the heck he meant by looking for Pokemon. This was my first introduction to Pokemon Go, and since then I’ve joined the Pokemon Go madness. Like many of you, I’ve heard the stories in […]


How to Talk About Sexuality in Your Youth Ministry

Written by Aaron Helman GET PDF OF THIS BLOG POST I spoke with a youth worker several weeks ago who told me she prefers to stay away from conversations like homosexuality, transgender rights, and general sex stuff. Her rationale was sound. “It’s better to keep the focus on Jesus.” She’s not wrong, of course, and I absolutely understand the desire to not want to have those awkward conversations. But the […]


Youth Group Lesson on Family

Youth Group Lesson on Family Bible:  Joshua 24:15 Bottom Line: Family can be amazing and messy, but a family that loves God together can be an awesome thing for the world to see. DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS LESSON LEADER PREP God created us for relationship and there is no relationship quite like that of a family that is seeking God together. Today’s lesson might be the first picture that […]


Youth Group Lesson on Honesty

Youth Group Lesson on Honesty Bible: Luke 16:1-15 The Big Idea: The power of the truth. DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS LESSON LEADER PREP Honesty is one of those areas that students that we serve can see Christ very clearly or vice versa. Teenagers really do watch us, and that’s one of the reasons that honesty is so important. Ask yourself honestly – what was the last lie that you told? (And […]