Being a youth ministry leader isn’t easy. We exist to make your job easier by saving you time and money.

Our team is full of experienced youth leaders who work hard creating lessons, games and other resources for you. That way, you can spend more time on building relationships with students, volunteers and parents.

The goal is to provide lots of free games and lessons so you don’t have to create them from scratch.

We’ve also created youth ministry resources that cost a little money, which you can view here.

We encourage you to make all our resources “your own”, infusing them with your creativity. After all, you know your students better than us 🙂

This website provides resources for youth ministry leaders who work with teenagers.

If you’re looking for resources specifically for middle school students (6th-8th grade), then visit our sister site JuniorHighMinistry.org

If you need resources for preteen ministry (4th-6th grade), the visit our other sister site PreteenMinistry.net

Need to contact customer service?

If you have an issue with an order, accessing your downloads, or any other question, contact Becky at ministrytoyouth@gmail.com.

She’ll be happy to help you.

What do we believe?

All our lessons are theologically broad enough for all church denominations (and non-denominations). We stay central to the core truths of Christianity and don’t focus  on denominational differences.

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Commonly Asked Questions

If you have a question of any kind, odds are the answer to it is here on our FAQ page:

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Hi, I’m Nick Diliberto, the creator of this website – Ministry to Youth.

This is a pic of me on the top of the ancient Mayan Ruins in Coba, Mexico.

This is a pic of me on the top of the ancient Mayan Ruins in Coba, Mexico.

I’m also the creator of PreteenMinistry.net & JuniorHighMinistry.org. As you can probably guess, I’m passionate about equipping church leaders to do ministry! Actually, that’s what I do full-time now…fun 🙂 Yes, I get the awesome privilege of serving the church through my various websites. It’s been a really humbling experience!

About Me: I have over 15 years of experience in church leadership. Currently, I oversee the youth group at the Northshore Vineyard Church just outside of New Orleans in Covington, LA. I’m married to Jena Diliberto & have three kids – Ethan (14), Joey (12) & Emma (10).

About Our Writing Team

Aaron Helman

Aaron Helman has been in youth ministry for over 15 years and is currently a youth pastor in South Bend, Indiana.

Aaron writes most of our blog posts on Ministry to Youth.

He’s not your typical youth ministry blogger.

In fact, he’s got the guts to oppose most of the conventional “wisdom” out there.

We also have an ever changing and growing team of writers and editors who create our free youth group lessons/games and the resources for purchase in our online store.

Our writing team consists of youth ministry leaders like you. They come from all types of churches, big and small, and all types of denominations and non-denominations.



  1. thank you so much for sharing the 10 free downloads, I love all the lessons and I am sure the youth will too. We have a tight budget so getting free lessons helps a lot.

  2. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing the 10 free downloads of lessons and games for youth ministry! I am fairly new to being a youth leader and these ideas have really helped to push me further in taking our group to the next level! You shared some really awesome games that are easy to implement and have a great message! We have a limited budget so freebies are always greatly appreciated!



  3. Whats up student ministry peeps?
    Thanks for the resources – good stuff.

    How can we contribute? games, lessons, etc. I see that you sell some things on your site can I send you some things I have to put on your site?

    Hook a ministry brother up!

    Either way – Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

    Serving Him together,


    • Hi Bob, thanks for reaching out to us! Unfortunately, we’re all set as far as resources are concerned. But thanks for the offer 🙂

  4. I was asked by 3 teachers to cover for their classes in the same day. I home school 3 children and they are used to my “tricks”. Finding this site was a God send! I am SO looking forward to springing these wonderful ideas on the kids! I burst out laughing when I read one of them (Noodle Jousting). That alone has their curiosity piqued. I thank God for folks like you who, are not only passionate about training up a child in the way he should go, but are also willing to share it with others. May God bless and multiply.

  5. I’ll be honest, usually when I am surfin’ the web for good devotionals and games for my youth group, I’m left feeling hopeless knowing that everything I find isn’t relevant enough or engaging enough for my youth. BUT THIS SITE IS AWESOME. You guys do a phenomenal job of connecting scripture to relevant topics for youth to connect to and apply to their own stories. And for free?! What a blessing! Keep doing what you’re doing!!
    Thanks so much and God bless.

    • Heidi, soooo awesome! I really appreciate your comments. Thanks for sharing and so glad you’ve found our website to be helpful for your youth.

  6. I need to cancel my account that was opened Maech 10th 2016 have tried to contact Becky but never get thru my order # is 100052 for Jean Davis e-mail me at jeandavis8182@att.net and do not withdraw any more from my account with Bank of America please advise this has been done . nothing wrong with lessons but see I cannot continue with payments. looking for your reply soon..

  7. Hey Nick, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving this year!

    I appreciate everything you do for this website. It is already helped me tremendously in my ministry as a youth pastor.

    The big things in my ministry that I want to focus on his mission work. I was wondering if you knew of a good website that had testimonies of Christians all around the world who have little to nothing but continue to show praise and worship to God. I’m wanting to show clips and testimonies as part of my gratitude lessons for the next couple weeks To hopefully inspire my youth to have that debacle attitude such as Joseph, Job, and Paul.

    Thanks for your time,
    Kent Kirby

    • Kent, great question. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a website like that. But if you find it, let me know. Would love to use it as a resource as well! And thanks for all the kind words. So glad you have found this website helpful!

    • Yes! Feel free to share it within your church and to your leaders. Once you purchase the Bundle, it’s yours to share with those who serve with you in your church!

    • Hi Jennifer. The Huge Youth Ministry Bundle is one-time payment of $99. Once you purchase the Bundle, you will receive a download link that will enable you to download the files – and then, they are yours forever. If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at ministrytoyouth@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you!

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