Looking for some free games for online or in-person youth group?

We’ve published over 100 free games online in various places.

Here’s where you can find them all:

1/ Join our Youth Group Games Facebook group.

This is a really great ongoing resource for games. Youth leaders from all over post their favorite games for online and socially distanced in-person youth group. New games are posted all the time.

2/ GO HERE to our youth group games website that has 48+ games, most of which include a Bible lesson.

All the games here are written for in-person youth group, and as mentioned above most of them include a Biblical lesson on various topics such as: prayer, temptation, making good decisions, etc..

Although no new games have been published on that website since COVID-19 hit, there are still a ton of really great games available.

4/ GO HERE to view all the youth group games we’ve published here on the Ministry to Youth website.

You’ll see a few of our top games for online youth group, and a big collection of games we’ve posted since our website was launched in 2014.

3/ Text 20games to 31996 and we’ll send you 20 of our top youth group games.

We put all the top 20 in-person games on one PDF for you to download for free.

Enjoy the games 🙂

Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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  1. Susan Heidlebaugh
    • July 28, 2020

    I love the information you provide. I have used these games and ideas a lot

  2. James
    • March 15, 2024

    Hi. I’m new here.


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