Save 71% on $245 worth of youth ministry lessons and games for the Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond.


What’s In the Bundle?

20 Fall Games – Each game includes a Biblical lesson on various Fall related themes.

Fall & Winter Game Pack – Each of these 20 games includes a Biblical lesson on various fall and winter themes. Includes all new games and topics not in the 20 Fall Game Pack.

Grace & Gratitude (Thanksgiving) – This 4-week Thanksgiving series helps students appreciate the love and mercy of God at Thanksgiving and throughout the year.

The Arrival (Christmas) – This 4-week series explores the traditions of Advent that can make our Christmas celebrations more meaningful.

Counter Culture – A new and improved 4-week series showing students how Jesus teaches a better way of life that often seems opposite to our culture.

Proof – This 4-week series encourages students to dig for truth rather than taking things at face value.

Forgiveness – A 4-week youth ministry series reminding students that everyone has done wrong and needs forgiveness from God, others, and themselves.


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