Looking for summer youth group lessons and games?

Check out our new and revised summer bundle!

Save 80% on $500 worth of youth group lessons and games for summer and beyond!

The bundle Includes:

  • One 8-week summer teaching series
  • Eight more teaching series
  • Three game packs that include a total of 70 games
  • 40 additional games, since each lesson comes with an opening game that ties into the main point.
  • One summer event

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the bundle.

Teaching Series

  • Summer Survival Guide: 8-week summer series
  • Counter Culture : 4-week series
  • Chill: Summer event
  • Social: 4-week series
  • Choices: 4-week series
  • Forever Changed: 4-week series
  • Big Dreams: 4-week series
  • Book of John: 4-week series
  • Made to Worship: 4-week series
  • Prayer: 4-week series

Game Packs

  • 30 Summer Games
  • 20 Messy Games
  • 20 No Prep Games


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