CHILDREN'S MINISTRY CURRICULUM Interactive, easy-to-use, ready-to-go, family focused, Bible-based curriculum for K-5th grade.



ALIVE - NEW EASTER SERIES ($59 VALUE) This NEW 4-week children’s ministry Easter series teaches kids that they have hope because Jesus is alive. 

This 4-week series teaches kids they have a place in spreading the Gospel - EVERYONE can do their part! This series focuses on what the Bible says about missions, defines the “Gospel,” and helps kids discover what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

MISSIONS - NEW SERIES ($59 VALUE) This new 4-week series focuses on what the Bible says about missions and teaches kids they have a place in spreading the Gospel - EVERYONE can do their part! 

LET'S GO! BACK TO SCHOOL ($59 VALUE) This 4-week children's ministry series prepares K-5th graders to go back to school with boldness and excitement to share God’s love with those around them.

TWO STAND ALONE LESSONS ($29 VALUE) Lesson #1: Prayer - Kids will learn that prayer is more than just talking TO God - it’s talking WITH God. Lesson #2 -A Time for Everything - Kids will learn that God has a perfect time for everything, each of us experience different "seasons" of life, and God makes everything beautiful in His time.

THE GREATEST GIFTS OF CHRISTMAS ($59 VALUE) This 4-week Christmas series helps students appreciate the gifts God has given to us and the gifts we can give others. 

SPLAT! LABS ($59 VALUE) This 4-week series connects science and the Bible with hands-on experiments. Each week features a lesson and experiment that helps kids see visual representations of Biblical principles through science.

EMOJIS ($59 VALUE) This 4-weeks series studies four strong emotions that are mentioned in Psalms. 

EXPLORERS ($89 VALUE) This 6-week series uses examples in nature to remind students God cares about them.

HEROES OF THE BIBLE ($59 VALUE) This 4-week series features these heroes from the Bible: Abraham, Elijah, Ruth, and Jesus. Each week focuses on 4 qualities of the Biblical character that made them a “hero.” Kids will learn how they can become a “hero” as they follow God.


EASY-TO-USE Our lessons require little to no prep time. As much as you want volunteers to be well prepared for a lesson, many wait until the last minute to look at a lesson. Our lessons take only a few minutes for volunteers to be ready to teach. Supplies and setup time are kept to a minimum too. That way, it only takes a little bit of time to get everything in order for volunteers to teach. Simple for you. Easy for volunteers.  

MEDIA FILES TO PARTNER WITH PARENTS We know that partnering with parents is essential to pointing kids to Jesus. After all, they have the greatest influence in the lives of young people. Our curriculum includes many tools to help you do this. Each lesson includes a text message script, Facebook/Instagram post with artwork, and an email script to send out to parents highlighting what kids were taught. The text and email script include a “Family Challenge” that helps parents & kids put into action what they were taught at church collectively as a family.  

ACTIVITY SHEETS & COLORING SHEETS Kids learn by doing. That's why each lesson includes an Activity Sheet & Coloring Sheet to reinforce the main idea. The coloring sheets give kids something fun to do, and the activity sheets help them put into action what they learned at church.


GAMES, ACTIVITIES AND INTERACTION Every lesson includes fun games and hands-on activities related to the lesson. Kids will have fun and engage in the learning experience. 

SMALL GROUPS FOR OLDER AND YOUNGER KIDS We've designed the games and teaching time to include all elementary ages. Then, to break out in small groups of younger kids and older kids (preteens). Each lesson includes different age-appropriate small groups to accommodate both age groups.

POWER POINT SLIDES & MEDIA FILES Every lesson includes a complete PowerPoint presentation. You also get the media files in case you want to import the images into another presentation software. Many kids are visual learners, which is why PowerPoint can be a creative teaching method.

LIFE-APPLICATION Our curriculum is focused on the Bible and how following Jesus applies to the lives of kids today. We help kids get excited about what God did thousands of years ago, AND what he's doing right now in their lives.  

CUSTOMIZABLE All our lessons come in PDF format and as a Word Doc. That way, you can use it as-is or customize as you see fit.


Our curriculum is designed for elementary ages. For many churches that means K-5th grade, and for others that means 1st-5th grade or 1st-6th grade. Our curriculum is designed to work with all those age groups. 

The lessons are structured to do the opening game and teaching time together with all elementary ages, then to break up into small groups of younger and older kids.


Below is a sample lesson from our back to school series. 

DISCLAIMER: This lesson is available as a preview of our kids’ curriculum and does not include PowerPoint slides, coloring sheets, activity sheets, artwork, parent texts/social media posts, etc.



INSTANT DOWNLOAD Instantly download all the series contents immediately after purchase. Send the download link to leaders for immediate distribution.  

SERIES ARTWORK Includes the main cover artwork (widescreen 1280 x 720) for the series and a blank text version.

COLORING SHEETS & ACTIVITY SHEETS Each lesson (in ALIVE, MISSIONS, SPLAT! Labs & Emojis series only) includes a coloring sheet and activity sheet to reinforce the main point.

MEDIA FILES TO PARTNER WTH PARENTS Each lesson includes a text message script, Facebook/Instagram post with artwork, and an email script to send out to parents highlighting what kids were taught. The text and email script include a “Family Challenge” that helps parents & kids put into action what they were taught at church collectively as a family. 

POWERPOINT SLIDES Each lesson comes with all the PowerPoint slides you need. Also included are the individual .jpg files for each slide.  

LESSONS IN BOTH PDF & WORD DOC FORMAT Customize the lessons as needed and easily share with your volunteer team.  

LEADER SCRIPT A lesson script is included with everything written out word for word. We encourage you to use it as a guide, rather than a script. We include a complete script so that you have everything you need to make the most out of each lesson.  

LESSON FORMAT Each lesson includes an opening game, creative teaching, small group activity and small group discussion questions.  


EXPEDITION ADVENTURE (COMING MARCH 2020) This 4-week series uses camping/hiking themes to explore who the adventurous life of believers as they are guided by the Holy Spirit. Small Groups are led by “Expedition Guides” who will help kids discover the power of trusting God in their everyday lives.  

WEEK 1: Who is the Holy Spirit? KEY BIBLE VERSE: 2 Corinthians 6:6 BOTTOM LINE: The Holy Spirit helps us follow God’s plan for our lives.  

WEEK 2: The Holy Spirit gives us understanding. KEY BIBLE VERSE: 1 Corinthians 2:13 BOTTOM LINE: The Holy Spirit helps understand God’s Word and gives us wisdom.  

WEEK 3: The Holy Spirit speaks in a still small voice. KEY BIBLE VERSE: John 10:27 BOTTOM LINE: The Holy Spirit will guide us if we listen for direction.  

WEEK 4: The Holy Spirit Gives Us Boldness. KEY BIBLE VERSE: 1 Corinthians 2:12-14 BOTTOM LINE: The Holy Spirit helps us boldly tell others how God has changed our lives.  

LEGENDARY (COMING APRIL 2020) This 4-week series on the Armor of God teaches kids they can be “legendary” in their faith.  

WEEK 1: BE STRONG! KEY BIBLE VERSE: Ephesians 6:10 BOTTOM LINE: Be strong in the Lord.  

WEEK 2: SUIT UP! KEY BIBLE VERSE: Ephesians 6:11-12 BOTTOM LINE: Put on the full armor of God.  

WEEK 3: STAND FIRM! KEY BIBLE VERSE: Ephesians 6:13-17 BOTTOM LINE: Stand firm against the enemy.  

WEEK 4: BE FEARLESS! KEY BIBLE VERSE: Ephesians 6:18-20 BOTTOM LINE: Conquer your fear and share your faith. 



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