Looking for a children’s Bible game on Jonah and the whale? Here’s a really great game to use in your children’s ministry this summer!


  • Large kiddie pool or tarps
  • Blue-colored slime or gelatin (to represent water)
  • Inflatable whale or a large cardboard cutout of a whale
  • Plastic fish or sea creatures
  • Buckets
  • Sponges
  • A printed or narrated story of Jonah and the Whale


  • Create the Whale – Set up the inflatable whale or the cardboard cutout at one end of the play area.
  • Prepare the Pool – Fill the kiddie pool or cover a large area with tarps. Fill it with blue-colored slime or gelatin to represent the sea.
  • Scatter Fish – Place the plastic fish or sea creatures in the “water.”
  • Buckets and Sponges – Place buckets and sponges at the opposite end of the play area from the whale.

How to Play:

  • Divide into Teams – Split the children into two or more teams.
  • Jonah’s Task – Explain that each team represents Jonah, and they need to clean up the sea to make things right.

The Race:

On “Go,” the first player of each team runs to the pool, collects as many plastic fish as possible using the sponge or hands, and carries them back to their team’s bucket.

They can only use the sponge to collect water and fish, making it a fun and messy challenge.

Once they return, the next teammate goes.

After collecting the fish, the team must take them to the whale and “feed” the whale by placing the fish into the whale’s mouth (or a designated area if using a cutout).

The first team to clean up the sea and feed all their fish to the whale wins.

Bible Story:

  • Tell the Story of Jonah – Gather the children and tell them the story of Jonah and the Whale. Emphasize Jonah’s resistance, his time in the belly of the whale, and his eventual obedience to God’s call.

Wrap Up:

  • Gather the children after the game to discuss what they learned from the story and how the game relates to Jonah’s experience.
  • Ask:
    • What happened when Jonah disobeyed God?
    • How did Jonah make things right?
    • How can we listen and follow God in our own lives?

End Lesson

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