We’re excited to announce the release of the 2023 Easter Bundle for youth ministry! Includes a lot of new youth group lessons and games for Easter.

Save 72% on $364 worth of youth ministry lessons and games for Easter and beyond. Includes lots of our new releases!

The bundle includes….

Easter Series:

  • I AM – This new & improved 4-week Easter teaching series explores the character of Jesus and how His death and resurrection impacted humanity.
  • Jesus Bible Study – A new 4-week Easter bible study on why Jesus is worthy of worship. Students will explore Jesus the creator, teacher, peacemaker, and more.

Easter Games:

  • 12 Easter Games – This Easter-themed game pack includes 12 games based on an Easter topic and followed up with a Biblical lesson.
  • 20 Easter Games – 20 Easter related games. Each game includes a Biblical lesson.

More Teaching Series:

  • Delight In the Lord – A new 4-week teaching series to help students discover what it means to delight in the Lord.
  • Identity – A new 4-week teaching series helping students find their identity in Christ.
  • Rooted – This new & improved 4-week teaching series will help students be rooted in God’s love, the Bible, and their faith in Jesus.
  • And lots more!


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