This time around on the Ministry to Youth Podcast our guests are Kenny & Elle Campbell from Stuff You Can Use.

In this episode, we dive into how to create a “fun” and “focused” youth ministry. “Fun” as is in…FUN. Duh 🙂 We all know that youth group needs to be fun. “Focused” as in “focused on Jesus & relationships”. We all know it’s important to nurture students relationships with God and each other. We talk about why both “fun” and “focused” are important and how they complement each other.

We also discuss:

  • The differences AND similarities of “fun” for jr high vs. high school ministry.
  • “How can we be relevant to the lives of students?” is a good question to ask. But Kenny & Elle propose that being relevant is a byproduct of a better question to ask.
  • How to create memorable moments in your youth group.
  • Why “fun” matters (and proof that it really does).
  • And a lot more!

Listen to the episode by clicking the play button on the bottom left of the below image.

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