We just released the 2022 Back to School Bundle!

Save 76% on $421 worth of youth ministry lessons and games for back to school and beyond!

Here’s an overview of the bundle…

Game Packs

  • 15 Back to School Games – All the crazy, fun games included are related to back to school themes that convey Biblical messages.
  • 20 Fall Games – 20 games to add to your programming in the fall. All games come with an accompanying lesson.
  • 20 5-Minute Games – 20 fun and quick games that require little prep and few supplies. All games come with an accompanying lesson.


  • Friends: This BRAND NEW 4-week series teaches students about being a good friend and finding good friends.
  • Rooted: This 4-week series will help students be rooted in God’s love, the Bible, and their faith in Jesus.
  • Risen: This 4-week series helps students understand that God fulfilled His promises to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Lead: This 4-week youth ministry series teaches teens how to be a leader.
  • Gone Fishing: This 4-week series invites students to follow Jesus and become fishers of men.
  • Philippians: This 5-week Bible study on the book of Philippians helps students find joy no matter what circumstances they face, especially the new reality of life right now.
  • Book of James: This 4-week series teaches students lessons from the book of James.
  • Enough: This 4-week series teaches students to be content and find joy in every situation through their relationship with God.
  • Rejected: This 4-week series shows students how Jesus treated those that society rejected, and how they can do the same.


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