We’re so excited to launch a brand new one year junior high curriculum designed specifically for 6th-8th graders!


What makes our curriculum unique? Here’s one of many…

Abstract vs Concrete Learning

Concrete thinking is a rigid, black and white understanding of the world, one without nuance and paradox. Abstract thinking involves perspective, self-awareness, nuances, paradox, etc. It’s realizing that life isn’t black or white, but a rainbow of colors.

As a part of their natural development, junior high students are moving from concrete to abstract thinking. But it’s not a linear straightforward process. Instead, over a period of time they flow in and out of concrete and abstract thinking. And some students are further along in the journey towards abstract thinking. This is all perfectly normal, but can be tricky for a junior high leader wanting to reach all students with the message of Jesus.

When teaching 6th-8th graders, it’s important to speak to both concrete and abstract learners in the group. As students begin to see the world through the lens of abstract thinking, they see their faith in a new light. It’s your job to help guide them through the process of figuring out what it means to love and follow Jesus in a complex world that isn’t black or white.

For students who are still in the concrete thinking stage, it’s important to communicate complex and difficult spiritual truths in memorable and easy to understand ways.

That’s one of the things that makes our junior high curriculum unique. 

Each lesson speaks to both abstract and concrete learners. We help you land big ideas in concrete ways and help abstract learners wrestle with the nuances of life and what it means to follow Jesus.

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