I want to introduce you to a friend of mine named Tim Levert. He was my kids’ youth pastor, and all three of them were significantly impacted by his involvement in their lives. He’s been a youth pastor for over 25 years, and is one of the most genuine, caring, and selfless people I’ve ever met. Yesterday he shared with me something really exciting.

Tim just launched a podcast, YouthGroup+, to help middle and high school students grow in their faith. In each episode you’ll hear a short teaching from Tim, and a discussion from real students around the country on how that teaching applies to them.

The podcast is designed to supplement what God is doing in your youth group. It’s produced with students, for students. I encourage you to check it out and share it with your youth group. It can especially be a really helpful tool right now since many students are quarantined and find themselves with a lot of downtime.

Go here to see a list of all the episodes.

Here’s a list of the first three:

Episode 3: How Can I Grow in My Trust in Jesus?

Episode 2: How Can I Become a Christian?

Episode 1: What is YouthGroup+ All About?

If you like the podcast, then subscriber here and be sure to share it with your students.

Keep up the great work you’re doing pointing students to Jesus 🙂

– Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth


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