Save 73% on $254 worth of lessons for online youth group.

Is your youth group still meeting online? This bundle is for you!

Includes all our series that are designed to do online (on the video platform of your choice). Each lesson also includes options to do in-person (in case things get back to normal).

Each lesson includes an opening game (for both online and in person) to drive home the point.

All the resources in the bundle are created to be used with 6th-12th graders.

Here’s what’s included in the Online Youth Group Bundle


MEANT FOR MORE ($45 VALUE): This brand new 5-week New Year’s series helps students discover that God’s plan for their lives exceeds what they could ever imagine. Each lesson includes an opening game and includes options to do the lesson online and in-person. 

A NEW NORMAL ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series helps students adjust to the “new normal” of life right now. In the last few months, most of us have found ourselves asking “When will things go back to ‘normal’?” The impact of COVID-19 is likely to be with us for far longer than we think (or even want). Use this series to help students adjust to the many new realities of life right now.

THE COMEBACK ($35 VALUE): This 4-week series encourages students to view this unique time in history as an opportunity to trust God with their future and make a difference in the world around them.

FIERCE: 8-Week Summer Series ($69 VALUE): This 8-week summer series encourages students to follow Jesus with boldness & confidence. The series is designed to do either online or in-person with students (in case things get back to normal). We give you options for both.

BELIEVE: New 4-Week Christmas Youth Series ($35 VALUE): This 4-week Christmas series encourages students to have strong faith at Christmastime and beyond. This series explores how those who were part of the “Christmas story” exercised extraordinary faith.

ALL IN: 4-Week Summer Series ($35 VALUE): This 4-week summer series encourages students to go “all in” in their relationship with God.

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