Sunday morning the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was cool and sunny. So I opened up the door to our front porch, sat down and did some journaling/reflecting.

In that moment, I wrote down three ideas that have been swimming around in my head over the last week.

In the midst of the new “quarantine life” we’re living in, I believe there is an opportunity for us to:


  • Stop. Reflect. Pray. Just be. Exist.
  • Breath. Enjoy a slower pace of life.
  • Connect with your family.

2/ GO

  • What have you been putting off because of fear, lack of time, etc?
  • What has God has been speaking to you…that you haven’t done yet?
  • What can you do right now to get started?
  • Now is the time to take action.


  • Everything is different…overnight.
  • What’s different for you?
  • Are you resisting the change or embracing it?
  • Embrace the shift. Go with it. See where it leads.
  • Look for the new opportunities that might exist.

Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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