Here is a free small group lesson on 2 Corithians 1-3.

The main themes covered in the lesson: Grace & peace; God’s comfort in times of trouble; Being strong in Christ; Forgiveness; and the New Covenant.

This is a sample lesson from our 2 Corinthians small group series, which is only available as a part of the Exclusive Youth Curriculum.


With the Exclusive Youth Curriculum, you get one year of strategic youth ministry totally done for you! 52 teaching lessons, 77 small group lessons, 4 youth group events & 6 training sessions.

One of the four compoments of our youth curriculum is to help your students develop God-centered relationships.

Our small group series, teaching series, and events provide students an opportunity to develop God-centered relationships with others.

As we read throughout the New Testament, discipleship happens in the context of relationships.

The goal is to create an environment where students: know others and are known; accept others and are accepted; love others and are loved; and pray for others and are prayed for.

We’re intentional about helping them grow in their relationship with God and others.

Learn more about the Exclusive Youth Curriculum.

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