This fun and messy summer game is the perfect opener for a lesson on temptation, friendship, or standing firm in your faith.

Have fun!

– Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth


Written by: Alex Doriot


  • 1 – 2 “Twister” game mats
    • For 15 or more students you will need 2 Twister mats
    • You can also make a DIY Twister board with a large tarp
  • 1-2 bottles each of Blue, Red, Green & Yellow Washable Tempura Paint OR 1-2 bottles each of Ketchup, Mustard, Relish & Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Small pieces of paper, pencil, and bowl

Note: If you don’t want to get messy, the game is still a fun “twist” on the “Twister” game without the paint or condiments!


Place your Twister mats side-by-side (if you are using two mats).

Squirt a big pile of either the matching color paint or condiment onto each color circle on the board: Red is Ketchup, Yellow is Mustard, Green is Relish, Blue is Blue Cheese dressing.

Count the number of students you have participating.

Write each number on a small piece of paper and put all of the numbers into a bowl.

Have each student draw a number from the bowl, and then ask them to line up in order of their numbers – from lowest to highest.

Then, the students who drew numbers 1 and 2 will approach the Twister mats.

Choose a volunteer to use the spinner and begin playing the game with ‘normal’ Twister rules.

Also, pick a volunteer to use a timer throughout the game.

After every 30 second interval, have another student enter the game.

That student will start playing with the next spin.

Just like normal Twister, when a person hits the floor, they’re out.

Once all of your students have made it into the game the last person standing is the winner!

NOTE: Use this game as an opener for a lesson on temptation, friendships, or standing firm in your faith. Below you’ll find some discussion questions and opening thoughts to get you started.

AFTER THE GAME, SAY: The goal of the game was to stay standing – no matter what.

But the  longer you played, the more tangled up and messy you got.

The game you just played is actually a metaphor for what it’s like to be in middle and high school.

As you try to stand firm in your faith, life gets messy and you face temptation every day from people around you and situations that you find yourself in.

That’s why it’s important to rely on God for guidance and help.

It’s also important to find people who will build up your faith and not drag you down into the mess.


  • Which do you think was harder – trying to stay standing because of the people around you or because of the mess on the mat?
  • How did the continual adding of more people into the game make it more difficult?
  • What do you think was the secret to winning the game?
  • Have you ever felt like a friend tripped you up in real life – that your friendship with them brought you down or got you into trouble?
  • Have you ever had a friend who you felt picked you up and made you a better person?
  • How can you rely on God’s help when faced with temptation?

Alex Doriot is a youth pastor, writer, speaker and performer out of Atlanta, GA. He has been involved in youth ministry for over 13 years and has a passion for seeing students discover the life to the full that Jesus speaks of in John 10:10. Alex lives with his lovely wife Kate and their two wonderful dogs.


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