Are you a homeschool family? What if you could experience traveling without ever leaving your own home? The Traveling Homeschool has you covered.

This is a project I have been working on for months behind the scenes with my friend, Christie Duoos. And we wanted you be the first to know about it.

That said, we have a free gift to share with you…

A free lesson from our Traveling Homeschool Curriculum about Honolulu for the entire family to experience together.

It includes creative teaching elements and a fun, hands-on activity for everyone to enjoy!

What is The Traveling Homeschool?

We’re all about bringing travel to your living room & building a community of adventurous homeschool families. We exist to make connections, learn through experience, and see the world in every way possible.

Download the Honolulu lesson here

Why The Traveling Homeschool?

My three kids were homeschooled for many years thanks to my amazing wife, Jena. She was the driving force behind it all and willingly poured herself into the role of teaching the kids.

We shared a love for travel, and since I worked remotely, we had the freedom to go on lots of family adventures together. With New Orleans, LA as our home base, we traveled all over the United States and internationally.

As my kids (now 20, 18 & 16 years old) transitioned into a school setting one-by-one, everyone noticed how much exploring and experiencing new cultures shaped and molded them. Travel gave them a different perspective on life. In many ways, it made them who they are today.

When I moved to the San Diego area last year, I became friends with Christie while volunteering at our church’s youth group together. Sharing a desire to build something great that made a difference in the world, we teamed up to start The Traveling Homeschool.

Here at The Traveling Homeschool, we want to bring the travel experience to homeschool families, whether or not you have the freedom to travel. Our goal is to help you create memorable family experiences that have the potential to mold and shape your kids (and yourselves).

Enjoy the free Honolulu lesson!

Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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