We recently asked our youth ministry leader community….

“What’s the weirdest item you’ve purchased for a youth group event?”

Here were the the most popular answers:

“Panty Hose to put a ball in and put on our heads in order to knock over a bottle of water.”
-Melissa Jordan

“Mens 4X tighty whities. Two students wear them back to back and run through an obstacle course together.”
-Megan Biegel

“My blow up ostrich suit.” (see pic below)
-Joseph Brinkle

“Cow’s tongue to play ultimate frisbee!”
-Melissa Enis
(Editor’s note: Another option for ultimate frisbee is octopus, submitted by Shannon Zittle.)

“Cow’s tongue and heart. We were looking at Proverbs and in particular 18:21 and 4:23. I thought visual aids may be useful. It remains debatable whether they were or whether they were a distraction. I hadn’t thought through how I was going to dispose of such things either.”
-Ian Sarginson

“I filled my entire trunk with tacos. It wasn’t a weird purchase, but it freaked out the Taco Bell staff! Ha ha!”
-Paige Collier

“I paid a hot air balloon pilot to land in a field during a youth event. The students lost their minds on that.”
-Nick Holiday

“Creamed corn. It was a messy game night. We played steal the bacon. The bacon was a bandana that I attached a ping pong ball to using a rubber band, so it could be gripped and thrown easily. When the bacon came back to the middle after each round, it was placed in a mixture of everything that was left in the fridge from a year (or three) of dinners and then canned things that students brought. I, as the leader, brought creamed corn. It was gross.! We called it Kentucky Chili (because we live in Ohio).”
-Tracie Long

“Rubber Chickens. We basically played “hot potato” with two variations. In both variatians we played music & stopped randomly. Game #1 – Whoever had the rubber chicken was out until just one person was left. Game #2 – Whoever had the rubber chicken had to draw from a bowl, which contained random things for them to do, or crazy things to eat.”
-Lori Fallon

“Diapers . They had to smell melted chocolate bars and guess the name of that candy bar.”
-Teresa Davenport

“Toothpaste to demonstrate that you can’t get it all back in the tube once it’s out. (Like bad words; bad sayings). The group totally related to it”
-AC Summerville

“A whole raw fish with fins, eyes, and all. Played a game similar to hot potato and called it ‘Passing Nemo.’ To this day it still gets brought up as one of the greatest of our tribal war games from nearly 20 years ago.”
-Karen Morris

“Shaving cream and Coco Puffs cereal. It was a cool ice breaker for a Father’s Day lesson. Lather up your partners face, toss Coco Puffs to stick in the shaving cream, and see who can make the best beard.”
-Tom Montgomery

“Pickled pigs feet! We did an Amazing Race and that was one of the road blocks (they had too eat). Another was putting live worms in their mouth.”
-Leslie Crysel

“3,500 ping pong balls. Found them for REALLY cheap on Amazon but they were marketed as ‘beer pong’ balls. That was an interesting receipt to turn in.”
-Charlie DeLong

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  1. Brian
    • August 15, 2022

    Plungers… Tie string on them attached to a wiffleball and place on your head. The quickest to wrap the string around the plunger by swinging your head is the winner. I had to mark them “not for plumbing” after a custodian used one on a stopped up toilet…

  2. Joey
    • August 15, 2022

    Tortillas, Vaseline, and poster boards. Unfortunately this was the second store I had to visit to gather my items so definitely got some funny looks until the cashier found out I was a youth pastor.

  3. Daniel Nelson
    • August 15, 2022

    A bra. Don’t ask

  4. Sean
    • August 15, 2022

    I bought two frozen turkeys and 20 2 liter bottles of soda to play parking lot turkey bowling.

    It started out really slick and clean but as the turkeys started to thaw and the plastic bag got torn it really got messy and left turkey skid marks all over the parking lot. Once the youth got past handling a raw, shredded, slimy and stinky turkey they had a blast. By the end we had parts of turkey flying everywhere.


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