Above: A canyon trail near my new home in San Diego, CA.

What makes your heart come alive?

If you want to be more effective in ministry, then it’s good to pursue activities outside of church leadership that makes your heart come alive.

My family recently moved from New Orleans to San Diego. Being in a new location has provided me the opportunity to explore a new set of activities that feed my soul.

They include learning to surf (but mostly falling off the board), hikes in the canyons near my house, and bodyboarding.

Every single one of those things is a spiritual practice for me. Being in the ocean or on a hike connects me to the very real presence of God. I’m centered, focused, and alert to what God is doing in and around me. Taking care of my body gives me fuel and energy to be a better business owner, husband, and father.

​Above: Me on a hike in Montana this past weekend. The entire family took a trip to help my son, Ethan, get settled into the dorm for his first year of college at Montana State University.

Once discovering the activities you enjoy, the next step is to build them into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

Odds are your normal routine has changed since COVID-19 hit. If you have kids, they have probably not been to school in person since March, and many will continue this way after summer. You might still be working from home. Church ministry isn’t what it used to be before COVID-19. Things have changed. You’re adjusting to the new normal. You don’t have control over a lot of things. But you can be intentional about prioritizing the activities in your life that make you come alive.

You probably don’t live by the ocean or near a hiking trail, but you can do what works for you. And maybe even change it up and try something new.

Some questions to consider:

  • What makes you come alive?
  • What new activities do you want to explore?
  • How can you build them into your day, week, or month?
  • What will you have to say no to make them a priority?

These are all great questions to ponder.

– Nick Diliberto

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