You’ll never be able to orchestrate a ministry that goes just the way you want it to go.

Things will never be perfect.

For many of us, the following statement is true.

We’re either:

  • Worrying about a problem
  • Trying to fix a problem
  • Or trying to avoid a problem

Instead, learn to…

Embrace everything, the good and the bad, as it is right now.

Yes, if there is a problem in your ministry that needs to be resolved…do your best to fix it.

But much of ministry is out of our control.


Celebrate what’s good, and allow what’s not good to be an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.

Learn to be at peace with the tension between how you want your ministry to be and reality.

Give up control to God. Surrender.

Who says the circumstances in your ministry as they naturally unfold are not ok?

Everything will be okay when you’re okay with everything. And that’s the only time everything will be okay.

-Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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