Here’s a free youth ministry game that includes a quick lesson on Gratitude or Appreciation based on Philippians 1:4-5 (NLT).

The main point of this lesson is: Appreciate all of the blessings in your life and everything God has done for you.

It’s a great game & lesson to use around Thanksgiving.

Have fun 🙂

– Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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Bible: Philippians 1:4-5 (NLT)


  • 4 brooms (two per team)
  • 1 rubber ball per team (racquetball-sized is good)


For this game you will divide students into two even teams.
Next, have teams form single file lines, with a 6 foot distance distance between each person in front of them. Tell students to stand with their feet just over shoulder distance apart.
The last two people in each team’s line will step off, one to each side.
Each will be given a broom and one person on each team will be given a ball, to be placed on the ground.
Say: This will be a game of skill and concentration.
The teammates with a broom will have a ball in front of one of them.
When I say GO, the teammate with the ball will use the broom to sweep the ball across the floor to the teammate on the other side in a zig-zag pattern between the legs of their teammates in line.
They will continue that pattern, moving the ball across the floor and down the line of people until they reach the end.
Once they get to the end they must return the same way until they reach the beginning of the line, where they will pass off the brooms and replace the next two in line.
The next two will continue the same sweeping pattern until all the people in the line have had a chance and have completed the line.
The first team to complete the game wins.


That game was a great combination of teamwork and a little skill, wasn’t it?
It also gave each of you a chance to appreciate some of the effort that others gave on behalf of the team.
At home, many of us do chores around the house to help out.
Some of you may even sweep the floor, right?
When we go to school or church or somewhere else, we would notice if the floor was dirty or there was trash all over the place, wouldn’t we?
But we often don’t appreciate the work and chores that have been done until someone is not doing it.
Parents often do chores too, although sometimes we don’t always see them or even know about them.
They just get done.
Even though we may not always say it to them—and we should—we do appreciate their hard work.
Appreciation and gratitude go right alongside each other.
Remember the first time you bought something at the store with your own money that you had earned?
Maybe it didn’t cost a lot, but to you it was important because you earned it.
But sometimes, children go to their parents wanting something. The child says “…and it’s only $_____”
Parents can have a hard time with is when their child comes to them and wants them to buy some particular thing, especially when it doesn’t appear that the child appreciates them.
Ask: What are some ways that you show appreciation to others?

Allow for a few responses from students.
Preaching the Gospel may not seem like a very difficult job, but for the Apostle Paul, it was both rewarding and challenging.
Because of those challenges, he appreciated the support and prayers of the churches he had helped to start.
Read Philippians 1:4-5.
Whenever I pray, I make my requests for all of you with joy, for you have been my partners in spreading the Good News about Christ from the time you first heard it until now.
When we show appreciation to others, it demonstrates that we not only value their time and friendship, but we also show them that we would do the same for them.
Paul appreciated the Philippian church because the people partnered with him from the beginning.
Appreciation is recognizing and enjoying the good qualities of someone or something, and Paul certainly was appreciative.
I asked you a couple of minutes ago about some ways that you show appreciation to others, but I want you to take a moment and think about who you appreciate most and why.
Many of you will think of your parents or other family members.
We appreciate them because we know they care for us and want the best for us.
One of the best ways to show others we appreciate them is to pray for them as Paul prayed for the churches he ministered to.
He prayed for their needs and for the future.
Another great way to show s omeone that you appreciate them is to tell them.
Not just a generic “I appreciate you,” but to let them know what it is specifically that you appreciate about them.
Last, but not least, God.
Tell God how much you appreciate all of the blessings in your life and everything He has done for you.
Always remember to show appreciation.

End lesson.

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