Youth Group Game on Loving Others

Bible: Matthew 5:13-16

Game – Jingle Who?

Use this game to teach your youth group a lesson on “love”, so they understand that their choices and actions should reflect Jesus.

It’s a great game to setup a Christmas message on the topic. Or use it any time of the year when doing a youth group message on loving others.

As students try to determine who the jingle noise is coming from, they will learn that the “noise” they make with their life will show others who they are living for.


  • Enough small boxes (shoeboxes, empty tissue boxes, or gift boxes will work) for the group
  • Two small bells

How to Play

Before the game, choose two random boxes to put a bell in.

Pass out the boxes to the group. Explain that two of these boxes have bells in them. If they have a bell in their box, the point of the game is to keep that a secret. If they don’t have a bell, the point of the game is to figure out who the two people who have the bells are.

Everyone has to hold their boxes in front of them as you call out instructions. Start with simple things—like walk across the room, sit down and stand up, turn in a circle.

After every couple of actions, say, “Who’s jingling?” And let a volunteer guess who they think is hiding the bell in their box. If they guess wrong, they’re out. If they guess correctly, they get a point!

After each guess, make the instructions more active, like jumping up and down, running to the other side of the room, doing one-armed jumping jacks, etc.

Once both jingle bell boxes have been eliminated, swap the boxes around and start a new round.

Play as many rounds as you have time for.

Optional – Award the winner of each round with a prize.


  • How were you able to identify who had the jingle bell?
  • If it weren’t for the noise, would you have been able to figure it out?

Teach – Loving Others


It really didn’t matter how sneaky the people with the jingle bells were; once you started making noise, it was game over. You could pretend you didn’t have the bells, you could hide the bells, you could even flat out say you didn’t have the bells. But the noise you made gave you away!


  • Have you ever thought about what kind of noise you’re making with your life?


That may sound a little strange—that you make noise with your life—but think about it. Your words, your actions, your decisions and behavior all add up to the type of noise you’re making with your life.

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of noise their life makes. Is it angry? Joyful?

When people listen in on your life, the kind of noise you’re making should point them to knowing exactly who you are—a follower of Christ.


  • If you had to sum up the kind of noise you’re making with your life right now in one word, what would it be?
  • Do you think that when people look at your life, they know that you’re a Christian?
  • What kind of noise do you think you should be making with your life?

Read: Matthew 5:13-16:

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


You may think that loving one another is a quiet, meek thing, but I beg to differ. I think that loving one another speaks loudly, making a lot of noise.

When you love one another, you go against the grain. You go against what most of the rest of the world does.

When you love one another, you have patience and you forgive. That speaks loudly in a world full of selfishness and unforgiveness.

When you love one another, you put someone else above yourself. You are humble, you serve, and you are kind.

When you love one another, your life makes a kind of noise that points people straight to Jesus.


  • Jesus could have said anything when He was saying “This is how they’ll know you’re my disciple.” Of all things, He chose love. Why do you think that is so important to Him?
  • Do you think that your life shows a lot of loving others right now?
  • Do you think that those around you would notice that your life was different if you loved others like Jesus says?

Wrap up 

Jesus could have said anything, but He said love. Of all the things that could point to Him, loving one another is at the top of the list.

Just like in the game, you can’t hide that kind of noise. Loving one another in this world is going to make you stick out. People are going to know that you are different. Your life is going to sound different than most other people’s lives, in the best way possible.

The noise that your life is making should make people stop and listen, and when they do, it should point them straight to Jesus. Isn’t being a disciple of Jesus something you want to be known for? If it is, now you know exactly what to do.

Love one another. In the loudest way possible.

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8 Replies to “Youth Group Game on Loving Others”

  1. Karen Frye
    • January 19, 2016

    I like this game but when I looked up the verse Matthew 5:13-16 it says about the salt of the earth not what you have showing about loving one another. Is this still correct or is the verse John 13:35?

    Reply 2 Response
    1. Nick Diliberto
      • January 20, 2016

      Oh no! Thanks for letting us know about that!

    2. Crystal Perez
      • July 16, 2018

      I was about to send the same comment. I totally love this game, “Loving Others”!
      I enjoyed “When Life Gives you Lemons…”
      Last week was my first time getting our youth group together in a while for Bible Study and they really enjoyed the change… young and old. To GOD we give the glory.
      Thank you and God bless.

      Reply 1 Response
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