Let’s face it: Money is a tough topic.

Just think about how many stressful nights you have spent worrying about money?

Whether teens realize it or not, money impacts their lives in so many ways – sometimes in very negative ways, but today they might be challenged to beat the statistics.

Spend some time in personal reflection thinking about how you are doing with money.

Are you practicing what you preach?

Are you offering your own money to God?

Pray about possibly sharing how God has worked in your life or the lives of others regarding money and know that as a church, we need to have more of these kinds of conversations.

Rather than beating yourself up about what is or isn’t in your bank account, ask God, as you will ask the students to ask God, to help you to use wisdom in how you handle His money from this day forward.

Written by Tiffany Hollums

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Bible: Matthew 6:19-21, 24

Bottom Line: God wants to be our treasure and only God can truly guide us on how to use HIS money.


A coin for each youth

Paper and markers

Money prize (dollar candy bars, ‘pay days’, etc.)


Give each student a coin.

Say: Today is an epic battle – a battle of Heads or Tails.

When I say ‘go,’ find a partner.

Next, each of you will choose ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ (and you can’t both call the same one).

Then, count to 3, toss your coin and if the coin lands on the side that you called, you get to keep the coin.

Choose 2 volunteers to come up front and demonstrate.

Say: Now, here is a practice round.

What did you call?  Heads or Tails?  Let the student choose.

Now on 3, we will flip our coin: 1-2-3

Each person takes the coin that landed on what they called. 

Now, find someone to challenge and then move on to another person once that toss is done.

Keep going until I say to ‘stop.’


Divide the group into groups of 4 to 5 and give them this challenge:

Say: I’ve been given a Presidential order to ask you to create a new currency.

Each team will have 3 minutes to design this currency however you would like, prepare a ‘pitch,’ and then share your currency with our group.

Each group will get paper and markers – feel free to get creative and use other items. 

After you give your pitch, our entire group will vote on the currency we would like to send as our model to the President.

Give each group 3 minutes to ‘pitch’ their currency. 

Then, have the entire group vote on the currency they would like to adopt. 

Give the winning group play money or chocolate ‘dollar’ bills.  

Say:  Think about this question: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Now, think about what some of the phrases are that you have heard about money?

Maybe even phrases from songs?

Give teens time to share and this will also give you a good ‘temperature’ of how the group thinks about money. 

What are some things that your parents have taught you about money?

Can anyone guess what married couples fight about the most?

And can anyone guess what we are talking about today? Money!

It is that one topic that we want to think about, but we don’t want to think about, right?

Yet, think about what our world would be like without money?

It isn’t that money (hold up a dollar bill) is magical.

Yet, think of all the relationships that have been ruined over money.

Families fight over money when their loved ones die.

Couples get divorced and then fight over who gets what amount of money.

Countries have gone to war over money.

And there is no other topic, which Jesus talked about more than money.

In reality, money sort of makes the world go around and not in a good way most of the time, right?

Read Matthew 6:19-21, 24.

What do you think it looks like to ‘love money?’

Really think about this because all around us, there are people who are truly in love with money.

Give them time to share examples of what this could look like and even pull in current examples of people who love money. 

Jesus’ words are really deep: Where your treasure is, there will your heart be.

So, let me ask you: Where is your treasure?

Maybe think of it this way: If you could have ANYTHING in this world… what would it be?

And now ask yourself this question and try to answer it honestly: What would you be willing to pay for this thing?

Would you give a month’s pay?

Maybe sell all of the possessions that you have to pay for it?

What about one of your siblings for it?

Would you give your family for this one thing?

What are the lengths and the prices that you would pay to have this thing?

And it might not be an item, but maybe you would do almost anything for a relationship.

That one thing that you desire more than anything? That is your treasure.

Ask yourself, do you desire that, whatever it is, more than God?

These are tough questions, but you will save yourself many years of chasing after desires and false ‘treasures’ if you honestly answer this question and then tell God that you want God to be your treasure.

Because only then can you truly be happy and content.

You will begin to see that anything that you have is truly a gift from God.

Your things and money don’t own you.

You own them and you offer them and yourselves to God.

I am going to let you take the coin that you played the game with today, but I want to challenge you to not look at money the same way after today.

Money will always be around, whatever it might look like, but don’t let it consume you.

Desire God more than any money, possession, relationship or treasure and then, and only then will you find that God will bless you with a happiness that money could never buy.

Hold your coin in your hand and let’s pray that starting today, from this day forward, that God will guide each of us in what we do with HIS money.

Close in prayer.


Why do you think that Jesus talked about money more than any other topic?

What are some of the ways that you have seen money negatively affect people?

When you look at this coin, what do you want to remember?

How could you ‘give your money’ to God? Practical ways.


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