As you know, Mother’s Day is around the corner.

This year our team wanted to create a Mother’s Day lesson for your youth group.

Moms are instrumental in shaping the faith of their kids and teenagers.

Use this lesson to help students take the opportunity this Mother’s Day to thank God for the moms (and other women in their lives) who have helped to shape their faith.


Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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Mother’s Day – Youth Group Lesson


Bible: Proverbs 31

Bottom Line: Mother’s day is an opportunity to thank God for the women in our lives who have helped to shape our faith.

OPENING GAME – Mommy Relay Race


Adult Depends

Baby food







Brown bags for each challenge (4 bags per station)

Poster boards



Divide the group into teams of 5 members each.

Set up a station for each team with the following items in each challenge bag:

Diaper: Depends

Boo-boo: Band-aids

Feeding:  Baby food, bib, and spoon

Nite Nite: Blanket

This is a relay to see which team will win the “Super Mom race”.

When I call ‘go’, send a ‘Mom’ and a ‘baby’ to go up and complete a challenge.

When that challenge is done, both of you run back to your team and then another ‘Mom’ and ‘Baby’ will go up to do the next challenge.

The team that finishes each of the challenges first, wins.

Let me explain what each of these strange challenges will be:

First, the diaper challenge.

Each ‘mom’ will help their ‘baby’ to put on a diaper over their clothes.

Then the baby will crawl back with their mom to their team.

Next will be the boo-boo station:

A ‘mom’ will put band aids on each of her ‘baby’s’ elbows and then give a get well ‘kiss’ on each boo-boo.

Then run back to your group.

The next challenge will be for the ‘mom’ to feed their baby by putting on a bib and then using a spoon to feed them the yummy baby food.

And finally, a ‘mom’ will put their ‘baby’ to bed by covering them with a blanket, tucking them in, singing a nite nite song, and both run back to their team.

The first team to complete all of these challenges first, wins.

TEACH – Mother’s Day

Large Group Question:

What do you think are some of the most important qualities that a Mom should have?

What do you think the hardest things would be about being a mom?

Being a mom, as we saw from the game can be a hard job.

I am sure that many of us here have probably made our moms feel like they were in some twisted relay race, right?

Share a funny or ridiculous story here (if you have one) of a way in which you challenged your mom. 

What in the world would we do without our moms?

But while this day is usually full of smiles and cards and love, Mother’s Day can be a complicated day for some people.

I want us to take a few seconds to think and to pray for those who might be hurting on Mother’s day.

Maybe you know someone who has a tough relationship with their mom – say a prayer for them right now

Or maybe you know someone who has lost their mom: Think of them and pray for them.

Think of the many children who are in foster homes and are away from their mothers today.

Pray for them.

Or the mother who selflessly gave her child for adoption to give her child a life she couldn’t provide.

Pray for her.

Just think about how difficult this day would be for women who long to be mothers but for whatever reason can’t have children.

Pray for them.

So, while we want to honor our Moms and tell them how awesome we think they are, let’s take this discussion a little different way.

Let’s talk about women who have made a difference in our lives.

Can you think of a woman in your life who has influenced you in a positive way?

Maybe you immediately think of a teacher or a friend.

(Give the group a chance to share a few examples).

The scripture today paints a picture of what a godly woman looks like, and while some of the examples might seem strange, we will talk about what this might look like for a woman to live like this today.

Read Proverbs 31:10-31

Divide the group into groups of 5 students each and give each group a posterboard and markers. 

Each group is going to take a section of this proverb that you want to highlight and create a ‘wanted ad’ like the kind that you might put in the newspaper.

Think about what the qualities described in your passage might look like creatively today.

Give each group a chance to share their ‘wanted ad’ and then display them around the room. 

Have you ever met someone who lived out these “Proverbs 31” characteristics?

Maybe she would use her gifts like cooking or sewing or drawing and would bless others with them.

And there are so many others ways that we can bless others, but things like caring for others’ basic needs is something special that we often overlook, isn’t it?

Can you think of any other ‘talents’ that seem simple and easy to ignore that can really make a big difference if shared with someone?

Give the students a chance to share these simple ‘talents’ and be prepared to share a few which have blessed you. 

It is sadly easy to overlook many of the things that the “Proverbs 31” woman does that bless others isn’t it?

But part of what makes her so special is that she isn’t doing these things to get praise.

It almost seems like her actions flow out of who she is. 

Who is she?

You get the idea when you read this that this woman first of all, loves God.

She loves her family and she loves to care for them.

Have you ever known someone who truly loved to care for others?

The Proverbs 31 woman reminds herself that “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting”.

Those few words are really something that everyone in our society today should stop and think about.

Imagine how life might change for you today if you were to remind yourself that beauty and popularity and all of the things that the world seems to think are everything…..are fleeting or short lived.

What if, instead of worrying about how you look or how others see you, you were to live like this woman in the scripture today and focus on your character?

Let’s think about what character traits are important to this woman.

Share the words of the character traits that you think she would value and I will write them on the board for us to talk about.

Write down their words and add other character traits as needed. 

Now, look at this list and ask yourself:  How do I measure up today?

Do I care for others?

Do I try to make this world a beautiful place?

Do I use my time to bless others?

Do I love God and help others to feel his love through me?

Because it is THIS kind of person who God truly will honor.

It is this kind of person that their family will one day say how they were blessed by this person.

Wouldn’t you love for your family and friends to remember you THIS way?

Because they really will not remember the cool outfit you wore or the car that you drove or even the way that you looked for more than a few minutes.

Let’s face it, everyone is too concerned with what everyone else is thinking about them, right?

But what they will remember years from now is what you probably remember about the special woman that you mentioned who affected your life: That they cared.

The love that they showed you.

Well, it’s time for you to start becoming that type of person for someone who will one day mention your name as one who affected their lives for good.

Don’t leave here feeling guilty that you don’t measure up.

Instead, choose one or two of these qualities that you want to become a part of who you are and start today.

Then, choose one or two women in your life thank for the ways that they bless you and love you.

Go home tonight and write them a letter or give them a call.

Just that small act of blessing someone else will start you on the same path of being a blessing.

Close in prayer.


Which part of this proverb was a challenge for you to understand?

What do you think a woman like the one described in Proverbs 31 might look like today?

Share about an influential woman in your life.  How did she affect you?

Which of these qualities from the proverb do you want to show in your life?

Reflect on the saying: Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting”. What do you think this means?

Have the students write a letter to their mother thanking her for the many way that she blesses their lives.


End lesson.

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