With the Exclusive Youth Curriculum, you get one year of strategic youth ministry totally done for you! 52 weeks of teaching curriculum, 77 weeks of small group curriculum, 4 youth group events & 6 training sessions.

Three options are now available: Everything, Teaching Curriculum or Small Group Curriculum.

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Here are some reasons a one year curriculum can be helpful:

You’re focused because you know how each lesson, event, program etc. fits into the big picture of your youth ministry’s vision.

You’re more creative because you already spent the time & energy to plan everything a year in advance. You have more space to innovate, try new things, and be creative.

You have a solid plan to help students who don’t know Jesus to come into a relationship with Him, and intentionally disciple students who do follow Jesus.

You have a well thought out game plan for students to create and nurture God-centered relationships with one another.

And that’s why we created the Exclusive Youth Curriculum

Check it out to see if one of the 3 options is a good fit for you.

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