I came across this game while scrolling through my Facebook feed.

This looks so much fun, and I had to share it with you.

It’s the perfect summer youth group game!

In fact, it has potential to be the best game in the history of youth ministry!

See below the video for game instructions.


Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

Kiddie Pool Kickball Instructions

(As told by REMIX Ministries on their Facebook event page: Kiddie Pool Kickball)

  • 3-5 innings
  • 3 outs per inning.
  • Students in the field can have pool noodles to beat the runners as they round the bases.
  • To be safe on base you must sit down in pool.
  • Can’t run from base until ball is kicked, must slide into home for the run to count.
  • No bunting.
  • Best scenario is 15 to 20 on each team.
  • You will need to continually fill pools during the game.


  • We used 2 boxes of plastic sheeting 6mil 6’X100′ from Home Depot that we bought online for 33 bucks a box.
  • Roll out 50′ and fold under pool.
  • You never have to cut anything because the pool filled with water weighs it down.
  • Pull it tight as you fill the pools and it won’t go anywhere.
  • Repeat to each base.
  • We use the cheap bouncy balls you always see stacked high at a Walmart or Target.
  • Make sure to use tear free soap.
  • Use a little league baseball field instead of a lawn if you don’t have enough yard.
  • Lots of slipping and falling involved. Please play safe and at your own risk. 

Credits: This video was originally created by Andrew Martin Kolstee for EPIC Student Life a youth ministry in Russell, Pennsylvania and then edited by REMIX Ministries.

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5 Replies to “Youth Group Game: Kiddie Pool Kickball”

  1. Patroni1964
    • July 20, 2016

    Cannot wait to try this for our water Friday for Vacation Bible School. I hope it’s as perfect as the video. Thanks a bunch!

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    1. Nick Diliberto
      • July 21, 2016

      Awesome…it’s a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Janet Purdom
    • August 8, 2016

    What’s the soap for, sliding?

    Reply 1 Response
    1. Nick Diliberto
      • August 10, 2016

      Yes, that is correct. A good substitute for soap is baby shampoo because it is easy on the eyes.


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