This is a really fun youth group game called “Rush Hour”.

Watch the video of students playing the game (instructions are in the video).

How to play:

  • Students sit in chairs across from each other.
  • At the signal, they run to the opposite side and sit down.
  • Each time remove 1-2 chairs from each side.
  • Any student left standing sits in the middle of the floor.
  • Last student standing on each side wins.

Rush Hour is a fun and easy youth group game. Perfect for a last minute game to add to your next gathering.

P.S. – Thanks to Delmar Peet from Bethel Student Ministries in South Carolina for making this awesome video!

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  1. Njoku Ukonu
    • November 5, 2023

    What then is the lesson to gain from the game “Rush hour*?


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