Here are three seriously cool youth group games on video (courtesy of Delmar Peet).

Watch the first video, which has two games in one…

Game #1 – Pole Grenade

How to Play 

1. Fill two balloons with shaving cream.

2. Duck tape them to pool noodles.

3. Hit the mess out of each other.

4. Put a toothpick in the noodle behind the balloon to act as a trigger.

Game #2 – Spell-i-oh’s

How to Play

1. Transport ABC letter soup via mouth to a table.

2. Have other students at the table with toothpicks.

3. Their job is to spell out their school name with the letters.

4. First team to spell it out wins.

Here’s the next game, Pipe Dream…this is for youth leaders who love gross games 🙂

You’ll just have to watch the video to see how to play it. Fun stuff!

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