Here’s a FREE youth ministry lesson helping students share the love of Jesus with others.

The lesson includes a fun opening game – Stinky Feet.

It’s a play on being the the “feet” of Jesus (based on Romans 10:12-15).

The lesson also includes a powerful closing activity that will really help the message stick.

Hope your students enjoy it 🙂

– Nick Diliberto, Ministry to Youth

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Bible: Romans 10:12-15

Bottom Line: We are the feet of Jesus!


4 Blindfolds

Construction paper foot cut outs

Double-sided tape

Construction paper for each youth


Baby flip flops-one for each youth

Sharpie pens


Instruct youth to take off their shoes and pile them in a heap on one side of the room.  

Divide the group into 4 equal teams that will line up on the opposite side of the room from the shoe heap.  

Say:  We’re going to play a game called “Stinky Feet”.

On one side of the room we have all of your shoes piled together.

On the other side, you have been grouped into 4 teams.

The goal of this game is to be the first team to recover all of your team member’s shoes.

Choose the order in which your team members will race.

Now, the first person in the line needs to put this blindfold on.

The first person in line from each team will run (or feel their way) to the heap of shoes.

Teams – you might need to shout out directions for them!

Then, with the blindfold on, they will grab one shoe and run back to their team.

If the shoe belongs to a member of their team – that’s awesome!

Have that person put their shoe back on.

But, if it’s not a shoe from their group, the person who brought the shoe to the team must put the blindfold back on and return the shoe to the pile.

Grab another shoe and repeat the process until they get a shoe that belongs to a member on their team.

Then, the next person in line repeats the same process.

The first team to get all of their shoes on – WINS!


I am glad that everyone has their stinky shoes back on their stinky feet!

Now, I want to ask you a completely unrelated question: How did you hear first hear about Jesus?

Seriously, I would like for you to tell me how you first heard about Jesus.

As the youth share, write a short phrase summing up the way they heard about Jesus on the paper footprint. 

Take 4-5 examples and ask the youth to tape their footprint somewhere around the room. 

Share how you personally heard about Jesus or how you grew in your relationship with Christ. 

This would also be a great opportunity to have adults or youth share about how they heard about Christ. 

Stories are always much more powerful than just simply talking about hearing about Jesus. 

Say: For some of us, we grew up hearing about Jesus.

Maybe you grew up in church and honestly cannot remember the first time you heard about Jesus, which is honestly beautiful.

But for some of us, our families didn’t go to church and maybe you’ve just begun to learn about who Jesus is.

And that also, is beautiful.

Ask a student to read Romans 10:12-15.

Think about it this way: It has been over 2,000 years since Jesus was teaching, performing miracles, was killed, and rose from the dead and we are sitting here… 2,000 years later still talking about it.


Because someone shared the story and then another person shared about Jesus… And on and on.

As you say this, you could tape up more and more footprints.

The only way that we are sitting here learning about Jesus, and even able to know that we can have a relationship with him, is because others shared about Jesus.

Now, when I say ‘share about Jesus’ I’m not talking about walking up to strangers with a Bible and shouting, “Do you know Jesus?”.

Sharing the love of Jesus is meant to be simple.

It is meant to flow naturally from who you are.

It could be making sure you remember the name of the janitor at school and smile.

It could be sticking up for someone who you know is being bullied.

It could be telling your friends when they share their problems that you are praying for them.

And nothing is as powerful as you simply sharing how knowing Jesus has impacted your life.

Now, what are some ways that you could share the love of Christ with others?

Think of simple ways.

Give each person a piece of construction paper and a pen and explain: Take just a second to trace around your foot and cut out the footprint.

Write a simple way that you could share the love of Jesus in a very simple way.

You can even share a real example from your life: either of someone who shared the love of Jesus with you, or you shared with others.

Then, tape up your footprint around the room.

Once you are done taping your footprint, walk around the room quietly and read the ways that you could share the love of Jesus.

Once everyone has taped up their footprints ask: How can others know and experience the love of Jesus without us telling them and living out what it means to be loved by Christ?

Look around the room and see the many ways that we could be the feet of Jesus.

One step at a time, we can either bring Jesus to people or push them away with just how we live out our faith.

It is the simple steps that we take that can make the difference.

As you grow and share the most important things to you, hopefully, your faith naturally shines through and comes out.

As you walk through your life, you naturally want to share about the person who has changed your life.

You won’t want to keep that to yourself!


Say:  Around the room (or at the front of the room depending on your setup) there are these (hold up the flip flop) small little flip flops: the shoe of the summer and now all year.

There are also sharpie pens.

Choose a flip flop, grab a sharpie pen and write these words:  We are the feet of Christ.

Then, throughout this week and hopefully beyond, let’s start a movement.

Take photos of you sharing the love of Christ with your little flip flop—take a pic and then post on Instagram or Snapchat with this hashtag: #feetofchrist

Close in prayer.


Which footprints really stuck to you as you walked around the room and read how others shared the love of Jesus?

Invite the students to share how they have heard about Jesus. Don’t pressure anyone to share if they do not want to, but give each person a chance to share.

When y ou look at the tiny flip flop, what does it remind you to do?

What are some simple ways that you plan to share the love of Jesus?


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