In Episode 2 of the Ministry to Youth Podcast, our host Rob Quinn interviews Aaron Helman of SmarterYouthMinistry.com.

The topic addressed is, “How to Recruit, Train and Equip Volunteers in Youth Ministry.”

When asked, “Why is it so hard to recruit volunteers for youth ministry?”

Aaron responds, “It’s not hard, the problem is that most leaders do it wrong and are not good at it.”

Aaron shares why the most common method of recruiting isn’t effective, and reveals an effective recruiting approach that is surprisingly simple.

In this episode, Aaron also shares how to:

  • Equip volunteers in their new role.
  • Help volunteers build relationships with students outside of youth group.
  • Avoid volunteer burnout.
  • Train volunteers in only 15 minutes a week.
  • Keep volunteers for the long-haul. What’s amazing is that the last three graduating classes in his youth ministry had the same small group leaders since sixth-grade. Wow! That’s amazing! Aaron definitely knows what he’s talking about in this area!
  • Convert parents into reliable volunteers.

Listen the Episode by clicking on the play button at the bottom left of the below image.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview is…

“We tend to either ask too much or too little of your volunteers. The right balance is a key to maintaining volunteers.” – Aaron Helman

Aaron is giving away two FREE resources: Top 10 Youth Group Games and Top 5 Fundraisers

After you listen to the podcast episode…

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A little more about our guest:

Aaron Helman is on a mission to end youth worker burnout by providing the training and resources that you haven’t been taught… until now.

Smarter Youth Ministry (his website) exists to help you learn how to manage their time and resources better so that you can do more ministry with less frustration.

Enjoy the interview and be on the lookout for Episode 3 coming out after Thanksgiving.

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Nick Diliberto, Creator of Ministry to Youth

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