I’m sooooo excited to release this video!

It’s part 1 of 4 videos all about transition in your preteen ministry.

Now is the time to start planning how to welcome new preteens into your ministry and promoting older students out.

In case you missed the other videos…

Watch video #4 – Partnering with volunteers as students move into and out of your preteen ministry.

Watch video #3 – Transitioning parents of preteens.

Watch video #2Promoting students OUT of preteen ministry.

In all 4 of these videos I’m interviewing Mike Sheley, who’s been leading a preteen and junior high ministry FOREVER!

So, let’s dive into the first one: Transitioning Preteens INTO Your Ministry

Download Mike’s Slides

We’ve already release video #2 on: Transitioning Preteens OUT of Your Ministry.

Watch Video #2 Here

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  1. Mabel Lam
    • March 7, 2021

    With the pandemic, can you suggest how we can connect on line.
    Do us have new on line games for the preteens and youths to bond?

    Reply 1 Response
    1. Kate Forkel
      • March 8, 2021

      Hi Mabel. I’m happy to help!
      All of our new products (except for the among us game) are written to be used in-person or online. 🙂

      Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
      Have a great week!
      – Kate Forkel, Ministry to Youth


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